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Ahi Tupua o te Tarakona

Volcano of the Dragon

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Long ago Io Matua Kore, had the mystical power of music in his mouth, mind and hands.

Io Matua Kore roared “Tihei Mauri Ora!”, and light came into being from the darkness. The light was a shimmering spectacle. He divided the light from the darkness. The light was called Ra and the darkness, Po.

The next day Io Matua Kore made the sky. In the sky he placed clouds and the sky was called heaven. On the land He made grass, flowers and trees. The fruitful earth was to become a place of beauty, creation and wondrous growth.

He let the waters abound with living creatures and the seas and rivers came alive with whale and fish. “Let there be birds!” he said, and forest filled with the majestic sound of sweet music.

Io Matua Kore looked upon the dragon that dwelt on Volcano Island. The volcano was erupting as the dragon breathed more fire into it creating chaos. This saddened Io Matua Kore so he called on his son Tawhirimatea to rage a huge storm on the dragon. Tawhirimatea swiftly took lightening piercing the dragon’s heart to destroy him. Now peace could reign on Earth once more.

Te Toa me te Taniwha

The Warrior and the Supernatural Beast

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Te Haruru was a young boy who lived with his tribe in a remote mountainous area abundant with kai of all kinds. He dreamed of one day becoming like the famous warrior, fierce yet noble, a courageous hero who would make his elders proud. He was not yet old enough and his kuia sent him to gather cress and herbs for the evening meal. He found the job boring and sat feeling unsatisfied by his task. Before long he drifted off into a deep sleep.

Suddenly he found himself being dragged into the water by a huge creature that resembled an eel, he knew it wasn’t really an eel because it’s size was like nothing ever seen or heard of before. His breath was knocked out of him as the beast crushed and dragged him under the water.

The sound of conches blew, and he knew the tribal warriors had been summoned.

All of the strong warriors came running, Arapeta, led the men. He was the most fearless warrior of all. Using his powerful patu pounamu, Arapeta slayed the beast with one hit.

Te Haruru had never been so frightened all his life, sweating and shivering with fear he jolted awake. He realised it was all an horrific dream. That day learnt a very valuable lesson, always listen and respect your elders, doing as they ask and never get tempted to be lazy!

Ko Ranginui rāua ko Papatuanuku - Te Wehenga

Skyfather and Earthmother - The Separation

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In the beginning of time Ranginui and Papatuanuku held each other in close embrace.

Thus preventing light from entering the world and their offspring lived in a world of darkness.

The children of Ranginui and Papatuanuku plotted against their parents in order to let light into the world.

It was Tanemahuta who finally rendered them apart. he rested his shoulders upon Papatuanuku and thrust his legs upwards pushing Ranginui to the sky.

By this separation, the world of light came to being.

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